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Aquaculture meets machine learning.

Count sea lice and accurately measure biomass in real-time while reducing cage furniture. Our experts‑in‑the‑loop ensure that every single prediction is correct.

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Named one of Forbes 25 Most Innovative AgTech Startups in 2018

Aquabyte surpasses modern farm monitoring products with our holistic software platform.

Our solution offers easy installation, continuous monitoring and multiple applications.

Lice Counting

Industry leading sea lice recognition and counting enables preemptive decision making.

Biomass Estimation

Biomass estimation and distribution at any point in time allows accurate projections.

Appetite Detection

Accurate appetite detection improves rates of feed conversion while reducing waste.

Feed Optimization

Recommended feed amounts are calculated based on fish size and activity.

We are helping to build the global food systems of tomorrow.

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing sectors of food production on the planet, offering a meaningful solution to global food deficits. Aquabyte’s mission is to be the best software tech company creating environmentally sound and sustainable food production.

The Aquabyte solution

Aquabyte is developing our software platform with cutting edge computer vision technology. Our software platform allows for an unprecedented level of industry optimization, resulting in increased yields and greater profit for farm owners.

Installation is easy - we simply install a camera in your net pen, and provide you with tools to monitor real-time metrics.

Meet the team

Our diverse team of machine learning experts, entrepreneurs, and aquaculture biologists are hyperfocused on delivering solutions with a real world impact.

  • TEAM

Bryton Shang

Hans Runshaug

Darryl Weatherspoon

Trude Jansen Hagland

Anders Fossøy

Vidar Onarheim

Kristian Blom

Per Erik Hansen

Elaine Maille

Alok Saxena

Aileen Ho

Bassem Youssef

Justin Bray

Wai Yip Tung

Eskild Helmerson

Asaad Hakeem

Jane Yu

Kjell Christian Bruheim

Ulv Christian Sæther

Jean-Baptiste Mulilito

Gunnar Berg

Dwayne Moorehead

Cristina Winkler

Rishabh Malviya

Dorota Antonowicz

Greg Papadopoulos

Former CTO
Sun Microsystems

Hans Runshaug

Former CEO,
Sjøtroll Havbruk
Former Chairman &
CEO, Ocea

Chandran Sankaran

Former Founder/CEO

Former Founder/CEO

Bryton Shang

A graduate of Princeton University, Bryton has led several venture-backed startups. Bryton built deep learning algorithms to diagnose cancer as CTO of HistoWiz, a biotechnology firm.

He also co-founded iQ License, a brand licensing platform, and Nikao Investments, an algorithmic trading firm.

Alok Saxena

A graduate of Princeton University, Alok built neural-network trading algorithms at DRW, a Chicago-based trading firm. At Princeton, Alok graduated cum laude as an Operations Research and Financial Engineering major.

Ranked high in many US math competitions, Alok was also a member of the US Physics Team.

Preben Imset Matre

Preben is an aquaculture biologist, graduated from NTNU Trondheim and previously worked with sales at Lerøy Sjømathuset, and on projects for LEN/Botngaard.

At NTNU, he founded the Ocean Club - an interest group that connects students, companies, and researchers within the ocean space.

Sverre Vormedal

Sverre has worked in the aquaculture industry since 2011, recently in Lerøy Vest and Sjøtroll Havbruk.

With his background from law school, and his work on service vessels and on farm sites as a fish farmer, Sverre has a deep understanding regarding both the practical, and legal aspects of salmon aquaculture.

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